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Half Moon Tea Room 1933

Only a one story building at this point, a second story was added later to the Tea Room portion of the building, and the building was also expanded rearward. During this expansion, the entrance was removed from the side of the building. A large stone fireplace replaced the former side entrance. Access to the Tea Room was now gained through a doorway from the refreshment stand. Later, in the late 1940's, an entrance was built in the front center of the Tea Room, providing access directly from Lakeside Avenue.
In the above photo, the bowling alleys stretch off to the right corner of the block. The left side of the middle portion of the building served refreshments to customers on the sidewalk. This was the original Half Moon Tea Room building that had been moved from its previous location further up Lakeside Avenue. Later, with the addition of interior seating, this became the Half Moon Snack Bar, while the right side of the middle portion, initially used for an ice house and storage, became the very first Half Moon Arcade, in 1948.