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The Half Moon Cabins

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On the property map, the Cottages are numbered from 1-6 and from 9-22. Why are there no Cottages numbered 7 and 8?

The original 19 cottages were numbered from 1-9 (front row) and from 10-19 (back row). In an unusual numbering scheme, they were numbered from right to left, presumably in relationship to their closeness to the Main Office.  Around 1964, to make room for the Half Moon Motel, Cottages 7-9 were moved from the front row to the back row. Rather than re-number all of the cottages, only Cottages 7-9 were re-numbered, to become Cottages 20-22.  In 2004, Cottage 10 was expanded to become a duplex. The new half of the duplex became Cottage 9.





The view in 1962, before the motel was built. At this time one could enter the property from New Hampshire Avenue